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Is this Europe’s future?

• Forced by her parents to marry at 16, Jeanette is raped regularly by her “husband.”
Tens of thousands of European girls in immigrant families have similar experiences.
Why does society close its eyes to this disgraceful situation?

• In a headline-making 1982 case, three-month-old Bobo bled to death in Paris after a clitoral amputation. Two decades later, such “operations” still occur daily in Europe.
Why does only one European country punish these gruesome crimes?

• Hera, coerced into marriage at 18 in Pakistan, got a civil divorce in Norway five years later. Yet under Muslim law she is still married, and if she remarries will be charged with bigamy in Pakistan.

Acting on a proposal in this book, Norway’s Parliament recently passed a law to stop such outrages.
Internationally noticed even before its translation into English, this book from Norway’s Human Rights Service presents unique statistical material supporting the conclusion that integration of non-Western immigrants in Europe has largely failed.

These statistical analyses reveal that in overwhelming numbers, Muslim immigrants are marrying spouses from their countries of origin. The story of a Norwegian immigrant family, spellbindingly told by Hege Storhaug , shows us the human faces behind these statistics. It is an appalling account of exploitation, imprisonment, and force – and of the grim reality of “family reunification”: cousins being forced to wed each other.

The motive for these coerced marriages? To secure visas to the West – and to reinforce “traditional values,” such as the oppression of women and the denial of religious freedom. HRS calls the young brides “living visas in a new form of human commerce.” The evidence presented here shows that this “commerce” is a major problem throughout western Europe.
Political leaders in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands have already indicated interest in the bold, perceptive proposals outlined in this volume.

Human Visas: A Report from the Front Lines of Europe's Integration Crisis:

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Read the introduction
Read the afterword: ”Dialogue with the female imams"

Author: Hege Storhaug and Human Rights Service.
Translated from Norwegian by Bruce Bawer
ISBN: 82-300-0049-2
This book can be bought: [email protected]


"Anyone who cares about human rights and multiethnic democracy should read Human Visas."
- Bertel Haarder - (former) Minister of Integration in Denmark

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