Interpool utsteder arrestorde på Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Det muslimske brorskapets åndelige leder ettersøkes nå av Interpool. Yusuf al-Qaradawi skal straffes for å ”oppmuntre og assistere til å begå mord internasjonalt”.

I Norge er Brorskapet tettest knyttet til Rabitamoskeen, så vidt vi har forstått det gjennom mange år, moskeen i Norge som ser ut til å ha produsert flest terrorister og jihadister fra norsk jord. De forente arabiske emiratene har satt Brorskapet opp på terrorlisten sin, og dermed også Rabitamoskeen.

Hvordan PST forholder seg til dette, hadde vært interessant å vite.

Interpol issued a bulletin Friday seeking the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most influential cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The bulletin was sparse on details but said that Egypt wanted the 88-year-old Qaradawi «to serve a sentence» for crimes including «incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder.»

Qaradawi lives in Qatar. He also is alleged to have had a hand in a massive prison break of Brotherhood members and others during the revolution against then-dictator Hosni Mubarak. Mohamed Morsi, a Brotherhood official who went on to become Egypt’s president in 2012, was among those who escaped.

Qaradawi has been a fierce critic of Egypt’s new government and of Morsi’s July 2013 ouster after one year in office. «From the day he (new President Abdel Fattah alSisi) came, all we saw is killing and bloodshed, detention and women being raped,» Qaradawi before elections in May.

In February, Egyptian officials demanded that Qatar extradite Qaradawi. They also asked Interpol to arrest Qaradawi a year ago.

Qaradawi described the recent acquittal of ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak as «the saddest day in the history of human justice and a disgrace on Egyptian judiciary.»

According to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, Interpol issued a «red notice» which is both its highest level alert, and a move subject to later review by the international police agency.

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