Forskjellsbehandling og diskriminering

Wilders: Sannsynlig domfellelse?

Geert Wilders ønsker å frata kriminelle marokkanere det nederlandske statsborgerskapet. Marokkanere er sterkt overrepresentert på trygdestatistikker og samtidig involvert i trygdesvindel, og en rekke er blitt arrestert. Wilders har støtte i befolkningen, men han ligger igjen an til å bli stilt for retten for hate speech. Sjansen er i så fall stor for at han denne gangen dømmes, vurderer mange.

Er Wilders rasist? Dette er vel kjernen i debatten rundt en av Europas mest fremtredende politikere. Det er i så måte interessant å merke seg hans støtte til en kvinne med marokkansk opphav som har åpnet en vinbar i Rotterdam, der hun i tillegg til å servere ordinær vin, også har te og halalvin på menyen. Den 40 år gamle kvinnen mottar drapstrusler for sitt virke (jeg antar det er de «rettroende» islamistene som er på banen), samtidig som trebarnsmoren får støtte av Geert Wilders for sitt forretningsinitiativ, melder Gatestone Institute.

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders again made international headlines. Nazi comparisons are rampant, .self-proclaimed victims are lining up to sue and now more than ever there is a chance that Wilders actually might be convicted of hate speech.

In an interview on the Dutch Public News Service [NOS] on March 12, Wilders said (10:10): «[People] will now be voting for a safer, a more social, and… in any case a city with fewer costs, and, if at all possible, with fewer Moroccans.»

Wilders has the numbers to support his concern. Statistics show that 65% of all Moroccan youths have been arrested by police, and that one third of that group have been arrested more than five times.

Wilders emphasizes the inordinate costs associated with the disproportionately high number of Dutch Moroccans registered as social welfare beneficiaries and who are implicated in welfare fraud.

Based on those numbers, Wilders seems to imply that if there were not such a large number of Moroccans, Dutch crime rates and social welfare costs would significantly drop.

Wilder proposes that Dutch Moroccans who are habitual criminal offenders should be deprived of their Dutch passports and sent back to Morocco, an act that is possible as all Moroccans and their descendants are, by Moroccan law, prohibited from relinquishing their Moroccan passports.

Dutch Moroccan criminals are known to be highly indifferent to sentences in Dutch prisons, which are known for their comfort. In a majority, Dutch prisons are populated by Dutch Moroccans.

Moroccans also apparently derive status from prison sentences. Evidently, upon their release, many gloat. Apparently it is only the thought of having to trade the luxury of the Netherlands — even prison — for Morocco that strikes terror into the hearts of potential offenders. In Italy, the same threat is already in effect and acts as a successful deterrent. It seems as if it is only the threat of deportation, more than any other measure, that is likely to deter young Moroccans from a life of crime.

Although the proposal is being used by Wilders’s opponents as either a laughing stock or beating stick, the merits of the proposal are rarely elaborated on, including even by Wilders. A recent poll showed 76% of Dutch voters to be in favor of the measure.

The NOS, interviewing Wilders again on March 14, asked him if he actually meant what he had said regarding Moroccans in general, possibly expecting him to say that he had only been referring to Dutch Moroccan criminals. But Wilders stood firm. He emphasized that his concern lay with the number of Moroccans currently flooding the crime statistics, and repeatedly stated, «The fewer Moroccans, the better.»

«Can you imagine that people are startled by your remarks?» he was asked.

«It is unfortunate if people are startled by the truth,» he said.

This latest round of anger against Wilders began after the announcement of voting results on March 19. At the end of his victory speech, Wilders remarked, «And the third question is, and I’m actually not allowed to say this, because I’m being sued, and there might even be Social Democrat DAs that would prosecute me, but freedom of speech is a great thing, and we have said nothing that is not allowed. We have said nothing that is not accurate. So I am asking you now: Do you want, in this city and the Netherlands, more or fewer Moroccans?» The crowd replied: «Fewer, fewer, fewer!»

That time, however, after the event, Wilders did nuance his views. He stated that he was referring to criminals, and only in favor of the voluntary repatriation of law-abiding Moroccans.

Now the police have apparently decided to become part of the prosecution. They have drafted pre-filled «Wilders forms» to press charges and have offered to come to people’s homes to fill out the paperwork.

Is Wilders a racist? He recently tweeted: «Support for Moroccan businesswomen Elou Akhiat. It is a shame she receives death threats over opening a wine bar.»