Forskjellsbehandling og diskriminering

90 dagers tenketid om rasisme

FN har gitt Tyskland reprimande for ikke å ha grepet inn overfor Thilo Sarrazins uttalelser til et magasin i 2009. Komiteen CERD mener Sarrazin burde vært straffet for rasisme, og ber nå Tyskland legge tiltak på bordet innen 90 dager.

Reaksjonen fra FNs komité mot rasisme og diskriminering  bygger på disse uttalelsene, gitt til Lettre International i september 2009. Merk først dette: om det Sarrazin sier kan faktabelegges er ikke en aktuell problemstilling for CERD. CERD smakstester uttalelsene:

“[…] The city has a productive circulation of people, who work and who are needed, be they part of the administration or of the ministries. Beside them, there is a number of people, about 20% of the population, who are economically not needed. They live off social welfare (Hartz IV) and transfer income; on a federal level this segment is only 8-10%. This part of the population needs to disappear over time. A large number of Arabs and Turks in this city, whose numbers have grown through erroneous policies, have no productive function, except for the fruit and vegetable trade, and other perspectives will probably not develop either […].

[…] One must stop talking about “the” migrant. We must look at the different migrant groups. […]

With the core group of people from Yugoslavia, however, one sees a more “Turkish” problem, the Turkish group and the Arabs slope dramatically [in terms of success]. Even in the third generation, a lot of them lack any reasonable knowledge of German. Many of them don’t even finish school and an even smaller part makes it to the college entrance exam […].

[…] There is another problem: the lower the class, the higher the birth rate. The birth rates of the Arabs and Turks are two to three times higher than what corresponds to their overall part in the population. Large segments are neither willing nor able to integrate. The solution to this problem can only be to stop letting people in and whoever wants to get married, should do it abroad. Brides are constantly being supplied: the Turkish girl here is married to someone from Anatolia; the young Turkish man gets a bride from an Anatolian village. It’s even worse with the Arabs. My idea would be to generally prohibit influx, except for highly qualified individuals and not provide social welfare for immigrants anymore.

[…] It is a scandal when Turkish boys don’t listen to female teachers because of their culture. Integration is an accomplishment of those who integrate. I don’t have to accept anyone who doesn’t do anything. I don’t have to accept anyone who lives off the state and rejects this very state, who doesn’t make an effort to reasonably educate their children and constantly produces new little headscarf girls. That is true for 70% of the Turkish and for 90% of the Arab population in Berlin. Many of them don’t want any integration, they want to live according to their own rules. Furthermore, they encourage a collective mentality that is aggressive and ancestral […].

[…] The Turks are conquering Germany just like the Kosovars conquered Kosovo: through a higher birth rate. I wouldn’t mind if they were East European Jews with about a 15% higher IQ than the one of Germans.

[…] If the Turks would integrate themselves so that they would have comparable success in the school system like other groups, the topic would become moot. […] However, it does not happen like that. Berliners always say that they have a particularly high number of foreigners. This is wrong. The percentage of foreigners in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne or Hamburg is much higher, but the foreigners there have a smaller percentage of Turks and Arabs and they are of more diverse origin.

[…] We have to completely restructure family policies: away with payments, above all to the lower class. I remember a report in the newspaper “Die Zeit” that stated that every Monday morning, the city cleaning services clean 20 tons of left over lamb from Turkish grill parties in the Tiergarten – this is not a satire. The Neukölln Mayor Buschkowsky spoke about an Arab woman who was having her sixth child to be able to get a bigger apartment through the social welfare law (Hartz IV). We have to say farewell to these structures. One has to assume that human ability is to some extent socially contingent and to some extent hereditary. The road we are following leads to a continuous decrease of the number of intelligent high performers due to demographic reasons. One can’t build a sustainable society that way…

[…] If 1.3 million Chinese are just as intelligent as Germans, but more industrious and in the foreseeable future better educated while we Germans take on ever more of a Turkish mentality, we’ll have a bigger problem […]

Tyskland mente at uttalelsene falt inn under ytringsfriheten i en viktig debatt, noe som falt en tyrkisk organisasjon tungt for brystet og som derfor gikk til FN med klage om brudd på antirasismekonvensjoner, og vant altså frem.

CERD also issued an ultimatum to Germany, giving the country 90 days to inform the committee of the measures it will take to address the committee’s opinion. It also recommended that the country «review its policies and procedures in cases of alleged racial discrimination» and widely distribute this information to prosecutors and judicial bodies.

Jeg samtalte og spiste middag sammen med Sarrazin i København 6.april, og kan ikke rapportere om grumsete holdninger.