-Mitt budskap er mørkt. Vi har tapt det frie og trygge Vest-Europa

-Ikke gjør de samme feilene som vi i Vest-Europa har gjort. Ikke tillat totalitære moskeer og islamske bevegelser. Ikke tillat innvandring av totalitære muslimer. Ta godt vare på landet deres. En dag kan det bli oss i vest som flykter til friheten i øst. Dette var mitt budskap til Polen og Øst-Europa på konferanse om sivilisasjonenes sammenstøt.

Jeg var nylig på konferanse i Polen, Wroclaw, der utgangspunktet for arrangøren, det historiske sentret, var Samuel Huntingtons tese om sivilisasjonenes sammenstøt. Både deltakere og publikum tok godt imot budskapet fra Islam. Den 11. landeplage, på polsk Islam. Jedenasta plaga.

Instituttet Centrum Historii Zajezdnia i Wroclaw, tidligere den tyske byen Beslau.

Foredraget mitt følger her:

The Islamic Revolution in Western Europa

Dearest Poland, dearest audience. It’s a pleasure to visit Poland again, this wonderful country and proud Nation. I would also especially like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this Congress. Thank you so much for inviting me.

I have come to Poland with a dark message: We have lost the free, safe Western Europe you might have known some years back. This is due to a fundamental cultural clash between our open, free and secular societies, where the personal freedom for each individual is in the core of our civilization, and on the other side you have Islamic culture based on tribe mentality and so called religious laws, sharia.

Let me just stress one point before I continue: You’ll of course find freedom loving Muslims both in the Islamic world and in Europe. Myself, I have been living in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan for more than two years as a journalist and author. I have many wonderful friends there. They are Muslims, and they appreciate the freedom in Europe as much as I guess you do. My focus is on basic doctrines in Islam, a religion that hasn’t undergone a reformation. A religion that is suppressing the personal freedom, suppressing women, suppressing minorities, suppressing ordinary common sense as such. A religion that actually literally means submission. Submission to Allah, to the Prophet Muhammed, to the religious scholars. A religion that requires total obedience.

Let me then pin point also this: Our basic values that has shaped our free societies in Europe are these:

  1. Equality between man and woman.
  2. Equality between all people, regardless of class belonging, religious or national background.
  3. Religious freedom, which of course includes the right to choose atheism, or to convert to whatever religion you feel like.
  4. And the mother of all freedom values, that is the freedom of expression.

My main message in my book, Islam. The Plague, is that the form of Islam that has gained power in Europe’s Sunni and Shia mosques, in Sunni and Shia movements, are in fight with all these values. All of them.  Meaning that this Islam is in fight with our basic way of living.

It is vital to divide Islam in two. This is due to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. He started out in Mecca, todays Saudi Arabia, as a preacher in the year 610. He was nothing else than a spiritual preacher, asking people to follow his new monotheistic religion Islam. But he failed with his message. Most people didn’t accept him as a Prophet. They thought he was a false prophet.

After 12 years as a preacher in Mecca, he is supposed to have gained only 50 to 60 followers. He then moved on to the city Medina, north of Mecca. Here we see a total different face of the so-called Prophet: He and his men start to rob caravans. Thus, Muhammad manage to build up an army, attacking the powerful Jewish and pagan tribes. He then becomes both a military leader and political leader. He conquers the whole Arab peninsula. In this way Muhammad created a complete Islamized state before his death 10 years after entering Medina, in 632. This is what the historical, Islamic texts tell us.

You should note that the era of Islam doesn’t start with Muhammad receiving revelations from Allah in Mecca in 610. The era starts in 622 in Medina, where he established Islam in power on all levels in society.

This Islam from Muhammads period in Medina is tyrannical, violent, extreme patriarchal and anti-Semitic. This is without doubt a totalitarian ideology. It’s far more politics, and hence law, than it is religion or spirituality.

This Islam has now become the new totalitarian ideology of our time in Western Europe. You find it in our huge mosques belonging to Sunni and Shia Muslims. And you find it in the smallest Sunni and Shia mosques and movements as well. This Islam is in power in mosques all over my home country, Norway, today. All over. The same goes for the rest of Western Europa.

Here is another main point from me: You have Muslims who are only spiritual. They only relate to the tolerant preaching from the Mecca era. These are freedom loving Muslims. We can call them Mecca Muslims. They are our secular friends. Then you have those I call Medina Muslims, who support the idea of sharia laws as the solution for mankind, who wants to see Islam in power in society.

Sunni Islam is the largest branch within the different branches of Islam. Approximately 85 % of the Muslims worldwide belongs to Sunni Islam. The same, one believes, is the situation in Western Europe.

There are three major groups in power inside Sunni mosques in Europe. These groups all have the same goal: to establish a caliphate, an Islamic State based on religious laws, sharia. But their methods to reach this caliphate differs. Inside the Sunni mosques you will find;

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the largest Muslim organization in the world, established in Egypt in 1928. So goes the slogan of The Brotherhood. Quote: “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.» End quote.The Brotherhood is very patient, they have good time. They have a belief in the collapse of Europe’s secular, democratic national states in approximately 30 years. From the ashes of Europa, they will rise a caliphate. This is their vision. The members of The Brotherhood are typically dressed in Western suits, they are well educated, and normally have short beard. They are in front positions as partners in dialogue with our politicians, our church and so on.  The latter don’t seem to understand that these people are totalitarian. Because they don’t flag that they are members of the Brotherhood. They pretend to be innocent democratic people.  They infiltrate mosques and Muslim organizations, but they can also for example form a foundation, like they have done in Norway, with the aim of helping people establishing new mosques. But again, they hide that they are members of the Brotherhood. Here I would like to give another concrete example, to help you to understand what kind of forces we are talking about: The Emirates regards the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. In 2014 The Emirates made a list over mosques in Europe they see as mosques run by The Brotherhood. One of the main mosques in Norway, in Oslo, was put on this terror list. So yes, they also have their mosques all over Western Europe.
  2. The second group are the Salafists. They are normally much easier to spot. They don’t have the patience as The Brotherhood has. Thus, they are open about their goal: a state governed by Islamic law. They actively preach in our streets, also trying to recruit new converts, especially youth. They form student organizations, and they are of course also preaching in the mosques. They have international ties within Europe. Typically they arrange youth conferences where the invited speakers, from let’s say Britain, are what we call hate preachers. They often appear in full Islamic dress code, the men also with full beard. The women you most often see in hijab and also face veil, niqab. In my home country this group have formed the largest Muslim student organization with around 2 000 paying members, according to themselves.
  3. The third group you find inside the Sunni mosques are the Jihadis. They are the least patient group. They scream loud in our streets against democracy and our freedom. They support violence, they support terror, to reach the worldwide caliphate as soon as possible. The Jihadis, “holy warriors”, are the smallest group of the three mentioned here. They often dress in Islamic clothes, and with long beard as well. They often express their militancy also through turbans and other headgears, at least the leaders do so.

But note this: you’ll also find both Salafists and Jihadis in Western clothes. This last note shows how difficult it may be from time to time to identify the different forces.

Boksignering på konferansen.

Let’s take a look at the largest survey on values, or to be more precise: the spread of fundamentalism among Muslims in Europe. First: Fundamentalism is a somewhat diffuse term, but in general we can say that it embraces the desire to return to the original message of a religion, a message not distorted by interpretations done by man through history. You want to revive what you think is the authentic doctrine of the faith.

The renowned German social research institute in Berlin, wanted to examine how many Christians and Muslims you can define into the category Fundamentalists. The survey included 9,000 respondents in six countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden.

The researchers raised three conditions to be categorized as a fundamentalist.

  1. That the believer has established that the basic principles of your religion is eternal.
  2. Only one interpretation applies and it applies to all believers.
  3. Religion stands above man-made laws.

In order to be defined as a fundamentalist, the respondent had to answer in the affirmative on all three assumptions. Just under four percent of Christians did so.

In the Muslim group, the result was this:

  • 65 percent said that Islamic law is more important to them than the laws in the country in which they live.
  • 75 percent believed that there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Quran, and that this interpretation should apply to all Muslims.
  • 60 percent wanted to return to the roots of Islam.

44 percent of the Muslims agreed with all three claims, and can therefore be defined as fundamentalists. 44 percent versus 4 percent Christians.

The Dutch research director of this study, Ruud Koopmans, commented on the findings as follows, quote:

«The findings reverse the claims we often hear that Islamic religious fundamentalism is a marginal phenomenon in Europe, or that it does not differ from the degree of fundamentalism in the Christian majority. Both claims are false, because almost half of European Muslims agree that Muslims should return to Islam’s roots, that it is only one interpretation of the Quran, and that the rules laid down in Islam are more important than worldly legislation. » End quote.

The last years, actually since 9/11 2001, we have heard political leaders state that Islam is the religion of peace. George Bush, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Theresa May, Tony Blair – and many more – they have all tried to disconnect Islam from violence and terror. Let’s take a more closely look at some key historical voices: What did they say about Islam and Muhammad?

Perhaps the most important person to highlight is the one who is considered the father of the Enlightenment – the French writer, philosopher, historian, and poet Voltaire (1694-1778). Voltaire is regarded as champion of free speech and religious freedom with his idea to separate church and state. Voltaire was of course critical of every monotheistic religion, not just Catholicism, but it was Catholicism that was the state religion of France and closely intertwined with the monarchy. Like so many other great thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, he promoted rational theology (deism). Voltaire and his contemporaries did not reject God as the creator of the world, but they rejected divine revelations.

In 1741, Voltaire wrote a tragedy in five acts about Muhammad, “Fanaticism, and the Prophet Muhammad”. Voltaire shows Muhammad’s cunning strategy of ensuring that his critics and opponents were killed once he had taken control of Medina. The main theme in the play is to show how religion is used to promote a political agenda and show how brutal Muhammad was, showing him to be nothing but a barbarian hypocrite rather than a prophet. Voltaire himself explained that, Quote: “the play is written to oppose the founder of a false and barbarous sect». End quote.

The Italian poet Dante (1265 – 1321) wrote one of the world’s most significant literary works, The Divine Comedy. In Divine Comedy Dante places Muhammad directly into hell, with his entrails dangling between his legs.

One of Scotland’s most important voices in Western philosophy during the Enlightenment was David Hume (1711-1776). Hume postulated that by taking Muhammad’s narration seriously, quote;  “and we shall soon find, that he bestows praise on such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilized society. No steady rule of right seems there to be attended to; and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or hurtful to the true believers.” End quote.

The influential German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860), emphasized man’s need for metaphysics by pointing to various places of worship belonging to different religions, like synagogues, temples, churches and mosques. About the Qur’an, he says that, quote; «this wretched book was sufficient to start a world-religion, to satisfy the metaphysical need of countless millions for twelve hundred years, to become the basis of their morality and of a remarkable contempt for death, and also to inspire them to bloody wars and the most extensive conquests. In this book we find the saddest and poorest form of theism. … I have not been able to discover in it one single idea of value.” End quote.

We could go on with many more quotes from historical voices. My point is that politicians of our time don’t know how to relate to Europe’s new religion. They don’t know how to tackle that millions of new Europeans now have turned their back to the ideal of Enlightenment.

The former British Minister, George Walden, said in 2006, after he himself had resigned as politician, that our politicians do not speak the truth about Islam before they are about to withdraw from politics or just after. Walden said, quote: «I would have been extremely alarmed by the situation (around Islam in Europe, my note.), and would do everything in my power to pretend that it was under control. It is up to politicians to play sweet music during a crisis, and it is up to people to understand that there is little governments can do. What they cannot say is that we are facing a threat that we do not see an end to, basically due to a civilization clash. We told the truth about the IRA, but on the Islamic issue we lie.” End quote.

But we, ordinary people, we understand that Islam is not as other religions. We understand that something is wrong with Islam. Let me show you one survey from Germany, and let me right away tell you that the result of this survey from 2012 was labeled as a “catastrophe” for the Islam in power in Germany:

  • 82 percent associate Islam with weakened rights for women
  • 77 percent believe that Islam is a fundamentalist religion
  • 70 percent associate Islam with fanaticism and radicalism
  • 64 percent associate Islam with violence, 60 percent to hate, and 56 percent believe that Islam is fighting for political power.
  • 44 percent believe that there will be “serious conflicts between western culture and the Arabian Muslim culture in the future”. One of four believes that the conflict is already a reality.
  • 48 percent fear that the tension relating to Muslims will increase in the future. Only 29 percent believe that there is no danger of that happening.

There was a positive section to the questions, and these were the meager results:

  • 13 percent associate Islam with love for their neighbors
  • 12 percent associate Islam with charity
  • 7 percent associate Islam with openness and tolerance

I would guess that after the Migration crisis in 2015, still continuing today in The Mediterranean, the results would have shown an even greater disaster for the Islam in power in a country like Germany, now with a Muslim population that has passed 6 million.

So, where are we today? What about our future in Western Europe?

We have an Islamic nation in our midst—a Medina nation. With the help of well-meaning, naïve and probably also completely uninformed politicians, but also scared politicians, this form of Islam has been allowed to become the most important religion in Western Europe. It has become more important than Christianity, not because of the number of worshippers, but rather due to their own intense, passionate belief that they are members of a worldwide super nation that should dominate the world.

It has become the most important religion because they have fought for and gained more space than any other religion or group. It is the most important religion because it does not meekly request special treatment, but aggressively demands space for its doctrines, whether this concerns dietary restrictions, clothing, opposition to the rights of women and homosexuals, or even opposition to the freedom of speech – the mother of all freedom values.

It has become the most important religion because its followers have no intention of integrating when they move to Norway and Europe, but rather to create their own separate societies based on their religion within the boundaries of new countries. Not least Islam has become the most important religion because Medina Muslims do not hesitate to use aggression and even violence against its critics in order to paralyze their surroundings.

Let me here quote the leading Brotherhood profile in today’s Europe, Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan is a Swiss academic who has had a lot of political influence for more than a decade, even in the EU system. He is the grand son of Hassan Al-Banna who founded The Brotherhood in Egypt. In 2002 Ramadan said as follows:

Quote: «Islam is a factor that needs to be taken into account and to be reckoned with in the future. If this reality is denied, it will inevitably lead to radical opposition and clashes.” End quote.

Ramadan is actually promising us violence if we try to resist the growing power of Islam.

The pattern in Western European countries is that the Muslim population doubles every ten years. No other group or religion is growing on this high speed. I would assume that there are many who have thought the same as I have. That is, how will Western European public life look when the day comes – and it is coming – that the number of Medina Muslims has doubled, even tripled? Will we as a society continue to refuse to stand up and confront this new totalitarian ideology out of fear of being labeled as racist or intolerant? Or out of fear that critic will lead to (more) violence?

Phillipe Val is the former editor of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the magazine attacked by Muslim terrorists in 2015. Phillipe Val has pointed out the strange attitude towards Muslims; that criticism of Islam should be synonymous with stigmatization of Muslim citizens. Val characterized bluntly this idea as «a lie,» a lie that causes the lack of democracy in Islam to grow. Many Muslims in the West are fully capable of living like everyone else, he said, to take in the principles of Western democracy. To not expect this from them is the real stigma. Criticism in the West of Islam cannot lead to increased radicalization, says Val, for how then to explain the rise in the past couple of decades of extremism in countries on other continents where Islam predominates, as the country I know very well, Pakistan? Quote: «This is not a financial problem or a social problem, it is a cultural and a political problem.» End quote.

Val continues with these words: We face an ongoing «battle against democracy … against freedom of expression, women’s equal entitlement, homosexual rights etc.», says Val.

As Val with honesty pointed out further, quote: «We are afflicted by a cultural disaster. … Don’t be a hypocrite, see things as it is, you will honor the Muslims by doing so. The European idea is the only one that is viable. Culturally, politically, economically, if one will exist. It is this idea that is endangered.” End quote.

The basic principles of Islam from Muhammad’s period in power in Medina hasn’t changed the last 1 400 years. This is hence our status: The future of Western Europe will be determined by demography, and thereby values.

When it comes to demography and values, it could be useful to take out the 800 year old lesson from the grand Middle Age work, The King’s Mirror. The book brings some fundamental thoughts about morals, and social studies to the Norwegians of the 12th century, brought to them from a king to his son, the prince:

Quote: “If there is a famine among the people, it is worse than if there is a famine in the land. A country can be helped if all is well in the neighboring countries and proficient men take care of the supply from there. But if there is a famine among the people, in the morals of the land, that will be the greatest damage. For no one can buy from other lands the morals or the common sense that once was found but has been destroyed or spilled.” End quote.

The French political thinker and historian Alexis de Tocqueville, 18th century, believed that Islam, quote; “will never dominate for long in a cultured and democratic era.” End quote. That is precisely where we stand today: the arrows point to a Western Europe that sails towards an uncultured and undemocratic period.

In a new era of this kind, Muhammad’s Medina Islam can dominate. For quite some time. Actually, for centuries.

We – Europe – fought Communism. We fought Fascism and Nazism. It costed great suffering and millions of lives. We also fought the Ottomans in Vienna in 1683 due to the brave polish army led by king John Sobieski.

Will we, Western Europe, manage to fight Islamism – political Islam – the coming years? I am not at all sure. 

My message to you, Poland, is as follows: In Western Europe we stand in the middle of a clash between civilizations, the most dramatic since the 1930s. Don’t do the same mistakes as we have done in Western Europe. Don’t allow the rising of totalitarian mosques and undemocratic Islamic movements. Don’t allow fundamentalists from the Islamic world to enter your country, your beloved home.

Take good care of Poland, this great Nation. Take good care of Eastern Europe. Maybe one day we in the West have to flee to you to be able to live in freedom.

Thank you so much for your attention.