Integrering og integreringspolitikk

Vold og drap i juni måned

En familiefar dreper hustruen som han mente ikke underkastet seg hans ordre. I en annen rettssak handler det om en mann som drepte en prostituert fordi hun tilbød sine tjenester for nærme byens moské. I en tredje rettssal handler det om en gjeng på fem som slo ned en mann som drakk på gaten. I en fjerde rettssal handler det om en gjeng som slo en fotballfan helseløs mens de skrek ”fuck the Queen”. Ja, vi er på de britiske øyene.

Og i en femte rettssal handler det om at sekterisk vold også har nådd britiske gater, skriver Soeren Kern. Mon tro hva innvandringsregnskap i Storbritannia ville ha fortalt?

In Edinburgh, a Muslim immigrant from Iran was found guilty on June 3 of murdering his wife because she refused to submit to his authority. Ahmad Yazdanparast, 61, was found guilty of the October 2013 murder of Ahdieh Yazdanparast, 46, the mother of his three children.

During Yazdanparast’s trial at the High Court in Edinburgh, the court heard how he doused his wife with gasoline and set her on fire. Yazdanparast’s defense attorney told jurors: «He wasn’t being listened to, he wasn’t being obeyed. He lost control of his wife and he murdered her.»

Yazdanparast, who identified himself in court as a «British Muslim,» said that in Iran the man was superior to the woman and had authority over her, but in Britain his wife had become too Westernized and was acting as if she were superior to him.

At the Woolwich Crown Court in Greenwich, a 20-year-old Muslim man, Farooq Shah, was found guilty on June 26 of stabbing to death a pregnant Romanian prostitute, allegedly because she was plying her trade near a mosque in Ilford, a town in Essex. He was sentenced to life in prison and will serve a minimum of 29 years.

At the Snaresbrook Crown Court in north London, the trial began on June 24 for five Muslim gang members accused of beating a 23-year-old American student, Francesco Hounye, over the head with a bottle. Prosecutors say the Muslims were angry that Hounye, who had been on a night out and was walking home with a friend in Shadwell, east London, was drinking alcohol on the street.

At the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales [Old Bailey] in London, a 32-year-old Islamic radical from Luton, Abu Rahin Aziz, was found guilty in absentia on June 19 of punching, kicking and striking a football fan named Andrew White and leaving him covered in blood.

The court heard how a group of nine Muslims were handing out Islamic literature and shouting «F*ck the Queen» as White lay bleeding on the ground. Aziz, an associate of firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary, fled the UK before his trial and is thought to have joined jihadists in Syria.

In a separate but related trial at the Old Bailey, nine members of the so-called Muslim Patrol were found guilty of promoting sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims at a protest march led by Choudary in central London. The brawls, which took place in May 2013, are believed to be the first Iraqi-style Muslim infighting on British streets.