Vold og overgrep

Ny vanvittig grooming-sak for retten

Jeg vet nesten ikke hvilke ord man skal eller kan bruke når man leser Daily Mails dekning av den nye rettsaken om såkalt grooming som har startet opp i England i dag, annet enn at dette overgår (håper jeg) det verste man kan forestille seg.

Slik innleder Daily mail rettsreferatet:

Gang of men who groomed young girls for sex drove terrified victim, 14, to the woods at night and threatened to cut her head off.

  • The girl had tried to lie her way out of the act but had been discovered
  • She was told ‘You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats’
  • Nine men groomed and horrifically abused vulnerable girls a court has heard
  • One victim was forced to miscarry after her attacker used an ‘instrument’ on her in a home abortion
  • It has been claimed they used ‘extreme physical and sexual violence’, often beating and burning them as they raped their victims
  • It was claimed the girls were often given so many drugs that they were ‘barely aware’
  • The abuse is alleged to have taken place over a period of eight years

“Du vet hva vi gjør med griser, skjærer av strupen.” Det var beskjeden et offer fikk da hun prøvde å unnslippe voldtekter. Hun ble avdekket av gjengen, som da igjen voldtok henne og etterlot henne i skogen.

De tiltalte skal blant annet ha hentet inn ”venner, brødre og fettere” fra andre områder av England som fikk bruke jenter som de ville. Det typiske ved ”grooming” er at jentene er sårbare, de kommer fra oppløste hjem, sosialt problematiske hjem, bor i fosterhjem eller institusjoner, og omgivelsene reagerer ikke på tegnene de viser på at noe er fryktelig galt. De dopes ned, gjøres stoffavhengige, og lever med et ekstremt trusselnivå som gjør at de ikke våger å be om hjelp.  I tillegg handler det selvsagt om regelrett svik fra myndigheter og voksne som har ansvar for dem.

Her er fortsettelsen:

The girl was then forced to perform a sex act on a gang of men before being abandoned in the woods.

Norman Lucas QC prosecuting told the hushed courtroom: ‘They threatened her, saying ‘You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats’. She was, as you might anticipate, terrified.

‘Another car then turned up containing four other men.

‘They threatened to cut her head off. ‘

After the men drove off and left her, she could not find her way home and was eventually forced to call the men for help. They collected her and took her to a house where she was put in a room and they sat in the next room laughing.

The jury were told the victim was just 12 when she began playing truant making her ‘an ideal target’ for some of the gang.

She eventually became so enslaved to her abusers that she forgot it was her 15th birthday when she was with the men.

The girl, who is now 21, had an unhappy home life with a mother who had an alcohol problem.

A gang of nine men face accusations of grooming and horrifically abusing vulnerable girls from the age of 11 – making their lives a ‘living hell.

The men, all from Oxford, allegedly plied six girls with alcohol, cocaine and heroin before repeatedly raping them.

Kamar Jamil, 27, Akthtar Dogar, 32, Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 26, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, deny the charges against them.

The court heard the girl had made a complaint to the police in September 2006 and gave a recorded statement which will be played to the jury.

She lived in a number of care homes but would abscond and at one point was placed in secure accommodation.

The court heard that on one occasion she absconded from a care home on a Saturday with a friend and returned in a taxi on the Monday but staff at the home refused to pay the fair.

The cab driver took her back and later that night she was back in the company of the gang.

Three of the accused allegedly bought her gifts such as perfume and provided her with cannabis and cocaine in what was described as ‘an act of grooming’.

Prosecuting barrister Noel Lucas QC said: ‘At first they made her feel special by paying her the attention she did not receive at home.

‘Subsequent events prove that any affection shown to her was entirely phoney. It was an act of grooming.

‘The men, having realised she was a vulnerable girl, were targeting her for their own sexual purposes.’

The gang demanded sex and she was told they would set fire to her home and burn her brother alive unless she agreed.

She was gang raped at a Travelodge, a guest house and a house or flat that would always be empty.

Sometimes she was so ‘wasted’ she was barely aware of what was happening.

Mr Lucas said: ‘She saw other drugged and emaciated girls in houses, sometimes just lying on a bed with their legs drawn up and completely out of it, waiting for the next round of drink and drugs.’

Men were introduced to her as ‘friends, brothers or cousins’.

Mr Lucas said: ‘The vast majority being Asian, the rest black.’

He added: ‘If she resisted or tried to fight back they would slap her, grab her hair and force her to lie down, even if she was crying.

‘It got to the stage where she just got wasted and let them get on with it for fear of getting a kicking.’

Some of the men would take photographs of her on their mobile phones and call her names like ‘dirty girl’.

She told police of the ‘pack mentality’ with each man encouraging the others.

Mohammer Karrar together with other men not before the court is accused of using an instrument on one of the victims when she was 11 or 12 to force a miscarriage after she became pregnant.

They are accused of subjecting them to ‘extreme physical and sexual violence’, often beating and burning them as they raped their victims.

The Old Bailey trial has heard how there were many more potential abusers in addition to those in the dock.

It took almost half an hour for all the charges to be read to the jury.

The jury was told it would hear evidence from friends of the victims, relatives, care workers and the police.

Telephone evidence between the accused and the victims will be presented along with DNA evidence.

Mr Lucas said: ‘The evidence will show that these girls were targeted precisely because they were young.’

The men took the girls to towns and cities across the country where they suffered further sexual abuse by other men.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place over a period of eight years.

Prosecutor Noel Lucas QC said: ‘Much of what the girls were forced to endure was perverted in the extreme.

‘The depravity of what the girls were forced to endure was extreme.’

Mr Lucas told the jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey to ‘steel yourself’ for the evidence they were to hear.

They were told the girls became addicted to some of the drugs and felt unable to live without them making them more reliant on the men.

It was claimed the girls were often given so many drugs that they were ‘barely aware’ of what was going on.

Mr Lucas said: ‘Indeed they say that is the only way they could cope with what was going on.’

The court was told the men had ‘actively targeted vulnerable young girls from the age of about 11 or 12.’

Mr Lucas pointed out to the jury that the girls who were targeted by the men were children.

He said the men would came across the girls with ‘troubled upbringings’ and ‘unsettled homes’ when they were out drinking or playing truant.

The girls were in care homes and some of them had been sexually exploited by other men before.

Their ‘intentional and persistent’ abuse is alleged to have happened between May 2004 and early 2012.

The men deny a total of 79 charges including child rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation and arranging or facilitating child prostitution.

Mr Lucas said: ‘There is evidence that the men deliberately targeted children that were out of control.’

The men would ‘exploit their vulnerability’ knowing it was less likely that anyone would be ‘exercising any normal parental control over them or looking out for them.’

They groomed the girls by giving gifts ‘or simply showing the care and attention that they craved.’

The jury was told the girls were taken to hotels, guest houses or people’s homes for other men to have sex with them.

The men would guard the girls so they could not escape and would then be paid for providing the girls.

Men would travel to Oxford ‘often by appointment’ from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough ‘specifically to abuse young girls’.

Sometimes the girls were taken to towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth.

Mr Lucas said the men would inflict ‘extreme physical and sexual violence on the girls’ using knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats.

They were ‘humiliated and degraded’ bitten, scratched suffocated, tied up beaten and burnt.

Sometimes the abuse would go on for ‘days on end’.

It is claimed the men also threatened the girls and their families if they should try to ‘free themselves from the grasp of the group’.

One of the victims described her ordeal at the hands of the men as a ‘living hell’.

In his opening address to the court Mr Lucas said the men had abused the six girls ‘persistently’ over long periods of time and sometimes in groups.’

They did this: ‘For their own sexual gratification and for the sexual gratification of other men.

‘The depravity of what was done to the complainants was extreme.’

The trial continues.