Terrorisme og ekstremisme

Tyske konvertitter innrømmer besittelse av terrormaterial

I fjor sommer ble to unge tyske konvertitter arrestert på grensen til Storbritannia grunnet besittelse av terrormaterial. De ble tiltalt for å besitte material som kan brukes til å begå terror, og sier seg nå skyldig i tiltalen.

Det er BBC som melder fra rettssaken i London

Two German nationals have pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey in London to possessing terrorist materials.

Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 23, both Muslim converts from Solingen in Germany, were arrested in July entering the UK at Dover port.

They were charged with having material which could be of use in terrorism on a computer and a hard-drive.

The men pleaded guilty to a total of five offences under the Terrorism Act and will be sentenced on Monday.

Emde admitted four counts of possession of copies of Inspire magazine from 2010, featuring the articles «How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom», «The ultimate mowing machine», «Technical details» and «Destroying buildings».

Baum admitted a single count of possession of Inspire magazine, featuring an article called «39 ways to participate in jihad».

Emde, of Konrad Adenauer Strasse, Solingen, and Baum, of Peter-Rasspe Strasse, Solingen, were remanded in custody ahead of sentencing.