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Vijay Kumar for Congress

To survive at all and preserve our cherished rights and freedoms, our cultures, our religions, our civilizations, we must declare an ideological war against Universal Jihadists. We must do so now. They long ago declared war on us, says the Republican candidate for Congress, Vijay Kumar.

Vijay Kumar for Congress

By Ibn Warraq, for and

I think it is clear that the American people have learnt what 11 September 2001 is all about, namely Islam and its violent ideology. But politicians, particularly the Democrats and the present administration, continue to deny reality. This maybe slowly changing if Tennessee politician, Vijay Kumar is anything to go by. A short while ago, I was in Nashville, Tennessee where I met Vijay Kumar through a friend. We had some cold drinks in Vijay’s house where he thanked me for having opened his eyes about Islam – he had read some of my books. The following night he asked me to meet him at a petrol station, I asked why, and he said wait and see. I drove to the gas station and there above it was an enormous billboard advertising Vijay’s political campaign:



This is the first time that a politician has made clear what we are fighting against. Vijay is running for Congress – for the House of Representatives – as a Republican for the 5th Congressional District, Tennessee.

Politically incorrect

So who is Vijay Kumar?

Vijay was born in Hyderabad, India, in 1954 to a middle class family, studied political science and philosophy, and then worked and lived in Iran from 1977 to 1979 when he witnessed at first hand the radical transformation of Iran into a repressive fundamentalist theocratic, in other words, an Islamic state. He arrived in the USA in 1979, married in 1983, worked in insurance, and is now a sales representative for a telecommunications company.

He has clear and politically incorrect views on the Middle East, and the War on Terror. He repeated to me some of his campaign slogans and speeches: “I no longer believe that there is an Israeli and Palestinian conflict, or an Indian- Pakistan problem, or Serbian-Bosnian conflict, there is only Universal Jihad. Terrorists are always concerned about their civil rights. I maintain that the War on Terror can be won within five years, for less than a billion dollars, and without loss of further American life. In order to win this war that has been declared against us through no fault of our own, the first requisite is to acknowledge that it is an ideological war. It is the totalitarian Islamic theocracy against fundamental human rights and freedoms and against every democracy in the world. It’s also necessary to recognize that causes of poverty, illiteracy, and misery prevalent in Islamic nations are over-population, suppression of intellectual freedom, hostility to critical thinking, and a dictatorial theocracy as the form of government. Colonialism or Zionist or Anglo-American conspiracies are not the cause.»

Irreconcilable philosophies

Vijay Kumar went on to say that «the conflict between Universal Jihadists and the West is philosophical. Strength is necessary to bring and maintain order, but force alone can never prevail. Reason, empiricism, and scientific method are our greatest weapons against the religious fanaticism of Literal Islam’s militant theocracy. Non-Islamic nations must correctly classify the doctrine of Universal Jihad as a subversive paramilitary political movement whose core ideology, of record, demands the overthrow of the existing forms of governments. Civilized nations recognize that such subversion, in times of war, constitutes treason.

And Universal Jihad is a declared war. It is a war of Islamic theological exclusivism against pluralistic democratic traditions. They are mutually exclusive. Islam’s Sharia is the antithesis of individual intellectual and spiritual freedom. It stands in direct opposition to the very existence of any constitutional democracy, and to the very right to existence of any other religion or belief.

Therefore, in order to prevail in this war against the rest of mankind, we must do the following.

• Build a global united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad. Jew and Gentile, Saxon and Slav, Hindu and Buddhist, Norwegian and Nigerian—all have been victimized by Jihad. Never has any barbaric imperialism so universally threatened mankind without regard to national or ethnic or philosophical or geopolitical boundaries. Whatever our differences, in this war we are allies unified by a common ruthless enemy that will not rest until we and our cultures and nations have been conquered through conversion, domination, or death. United, we cannot be overcome.

• Systematically remove all advocates of Literal Islam’s Universal Jihad from every nation of the Western world—which, by their own definition, is Darul al-Harb (Land of Hostility, governed by the infidels). The claims and requirements of Literal Islam’s mandated theocracy call for overthrow of the American and Western forms of government in a declared war, and the supporters of Universal Jihad have committed and condoned acts of war on our soil against our people and our nations. That is treason.

• As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, cut off all trade and diplomatic ties to the Empire of Universal Jihad: Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Enforce these sanctions until their governments publicly, formally renounce and disavow Universal Jihad by official proclamation.

• As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, use the combined resources of all affected nations to demilitarize, secularize, and democratize the Empire of Universal Jihad.

• As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, demand and exact compensation from the Empire of Universal Jihad for having supported global terrorism for at least the past half-century.

The 1400-Year War

If any of these steps to victory seem draconian or undemocratic, pause to reflect that they are far more humane and civilized than the strategies and tactics of Literal Islam and its 1,400 years war that has decimated entire civilizations and murdered countless millions. These steps are far more humane and civilized than dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations. These are not some «Modest Proposals» in the tradition of Swift. These are sober, attainable and necessary steps that must be taken if the rationality and freedoms gained by mankind over thousands of years of social evolution stand any chance of surviving the Universal Jihadists’ onslaught of barbarism and mass murder to the end of totalitarian rule of the world.

To survive at all and preserve our cherished rights and freedoms, our cultures, our religions, our civilizations, we must declare an ideological war against Universal Jihadists. We must do so now. They long ago declared war on us.”

This is the bold strategy of Vijay Kumar. It is significant that Vijay is originally from a country that knew what it was like to live under fanatical Islam. If he is elected, then he will have taken the first step in educating American politicians to face reality, and recognize the nature of the enemy.

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