Terrorisme og ekstremisme

Nok en somalier arrestert for terror

I dag ble nok en somalier i Sverige arrestert, mistenkt for å planlegge terrorangrep i Somalia. Mannen ble arrestert i den belastede bydelen Rinkeby ved Stockholm. Arrestasjonen knyttes til somalieren som ble arrestert i forrige måned i Göteborg for samme forhold.

Hege Storhaug, HRS

Sverige viser tendenser til å sprekke opp når det gjelder innvandringens konsekvenser. Nå tyder det på at Al-Shabab satser på rekrutteringspotensial i Sveriges tragiske gettoer. Her fra The Associated Press:

A Swedish man suspected of planning an attack in Somalia was arrested in Stockholm Tuesday, security police said, a month after the arrest of another Swedish national on the same charges.

«The security police today arrested another Swedish citizen suspected of planning a terrorist crime,» Saepo, the security police, said in a statement, adding that the suspected plot involved «an attack in Somalia.»

It said the arrest of the man, whose name was not given, was linked to the detention in the southwestern city of Gothenburg in May of another Swedish citizen over the same allegations.

«A number of people will be questioned in connection with the investigation,» Saepo said, adding that a prosecutor would decide by June 25 if the man would be remanded in custody awaiting trial.

The security police gave provided no further details, but according to tabloid Expressen’s online edition the suspect was born in 1984 and was of Somali origin.

Expressen also said Tuesday’s arrest took place in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, known for having one of the highest concentrations of first- and second-generation immigrants in Sweden.

Swedish police have in recent months cautioned that Gothenburg and several Stockholm suburbs including Rinkeby may have become recruiting grounds for the Somali Islamist movement Shebab, which has declared allegiance to Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network and controls most of southern and central Somalia.