Terrorisme og ekstremisme

22 drept hittil

Under fredagsbønnen i ahmadiyyaenes moské i overklassestrøket Model Town i Lahore gikk terrorister til angrep på forsamlingen, som er definert som ikke-muslimer i et pakistanske lovverket. Vår korrespondent Rooshanie Ejaz kommer her med en første, mindre rapport. Hun har blant annet snakket med et øyevitne, Hassan Bajwa.

Rooshanie Ejaz, HRS

Lahore, Pakistan – 7- 8 terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs, hand grenades and bomb rigged vests attacked two of Lahore’s biggest Ahmadi mosques simultaneously, in the middle of Friday prayers. The volume of people inside the mosques was at its peak volume. The terrorists opened indiscriminate firing at the congregation and hurled hand grenades into it, causing maximum damage.

Two terrorists blew themselves up outside the bigger mosque at Garhi Shahu, while one failed in his attempt to do so in Model Town (a posh housing society in the centre of Lahore), and was arrested.

A security breach allowed the armed men to enter the mosques which are on high alert as it is due to the Ahmadi minority’s persecuted status in the country. Due to security alerts, women were discouraged from following their usual routine of praying at mosques, as is the norm at Ahmadi mosques, a measure that has resulted in reduced casualties after today’s incidents.

Hassan Bajwa, a young Advertising professional who made his way to the mosque as the attack was in progress found out that one of the terrorists was apprehended, overpowered and disarmed by a member of the Ahmadi congregation, an ex-army officer.

The current death toll is at 22 from the Model Town attack and officials are quoting an overall figure of 56, whereas bodies are still arriving at hospitals and only a few have been identified as the disfigurement from explosions has made it difficult.

The recovery operation has now ended, although some victims fleeing from the mosque are claiming that a hostage situation has developed in the basement of the Garhi Shahu mosque. Rescue operations are underway; the injured are being treated at hospitals nearby. Three terrorist have been identified, out which one was killed, one is in the ER undergoing surgery and one has been arrested.