Vold og overgrep

Drepte katolsk jente fordi hun var kjæreste med muslim

19 år gamle Lidia Motylska ble svært brutalt myrdet av en kurder i Leeds. Kurderen Jabari (39) knivstakk henne i magen og brystet før han skar over strupen hennes – fra øre til øre. Motivet var at han ikke aksepterte at katolske Lidia var kjæreste med Jabaris venn, også han kurder og muslim, som Jabari delte leilighet med. Jabari mente også at Lidia oppførte seg for lite anstendig i det offentlige rommet.

I Sheffield Crown Court innrømmet Jabari, som er britisk statsborger å ha drept Lidia. Jabari ble dømt til livstidsdom for drapet.

The court heard he garrotted her from behind, using the cord from his tracksuit bottoms, before inflicting «gratuitous» wounds on her lifeless body. He stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and stomach and slit her throat.Sentencing Jabari to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 19-and-a-half years, Mr Justice McKinnon said the murder involved an exceptional degree of violence.»There is a suspicion that you lured this young woman to her death and marked your disapproval of her and her relationship by gratuitous violence upon her,» he said.The court heard that Jabari grew up in Iraq and was conscripted to the Iraqi army but then deserted. He became involved with the Communist party and later helped opponents of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime flee to Syria.He came to England in 1999 with his then wife, but they separated in 2003 and he went on to gain British citizenship.In July 2004 he began working at Symphony Kitchens in Gelderd Lane, Leeds.Through his work, he met both Miss Motylska and Ajeen Jabaridia, a fellow Kurdish Iraqi who moved in with him at a flat in Oatland Heights in the Little London area of the city.But he was to become increasingly hostile when the pair became romantically involved.Prosecuting, Simon Myerson QC said: «He disliked the fact that his Kurdish friend was going out with a Polish Catholic.»He did not like Lidia to sleep at their flat. He disapproved of Lidia’s behaviour in public and thought it seemed sexually provocative.»He went on: «He told her that Ajeen should not be seeing her because she was a Polish and Catholic girl.»Miss Motylska, who lived with her mother Renata in Beeston, Leeds, thought she might be pregnant with Mr Jabaridia’s child, the court heard, though this turned out not to be the case.On the evening of the murder in October last year, she had arranged to meet Jabari and got off a bus near his home at 6.45pm.Ten minutes later, two passers-by called 999, reporting that they had seen a woman on the ground in an alleyway in Lincoln Green, with a man sitting over her «grunting» and holding her around the neck.When police arrived at 7pm, the teenager was dead, with deep stab wounds and her throat slit «from ear to ear».The judge said one explanation for the slash injuries to her abdomen could have been an «expression of disapproval at her pregnancy and her relationship»

Lidias familie klarte ikke å snake med pressen: The victim’s family were too upset to speak.