Nederlandske myndigheter er meget urolige for at Wilders kommende, islamkritiske film vil krenke muslimer og lede til vold og opptøyer. Nå utreder regjeringen muligheten for å forby filmen allerede før den er sluppet. Statsadvokaten tror det kan finnes lovmessig grunn til å forby filmen av hensyn til statens sikkerhet og den offentlig orden.

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fra små og store, lokale og nasjonale presshus i Europa. Ofte klarer de å fange
opp meget interessante saker som ikke gjengis av de store, internasjonale
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Vienna i dag presentere følgende oversettelse av en dagsfersk artikkel fra
De Telegraaf

Possible ban on
Wilders movie

The Hague — The cabinet is examining legal possibilities for banning the
anti-Koran movie by Geert Wilders before it is be shown. Thus reported sources
close to the council of ministers.

The Country Solicitor [Land Advocaat] mapped legal grounds to ban
Wilders’ movie. A court case would not have to be a lost case, due to pressure
from abroad. Therefore, the government can ask the court to ban the movie for
reasons of state security and public order. Even though a preventive ban didn’t
get ministerial approval last Friday, the idea hasn’t been swept from the
table, according to insiders. Within the cabinet opinions are divided whether
or not Wilders should be muzzled beforehand.

Within the PvdA [labor or socialist] party there is resistance against this
idea. Amongst others, vice prime minister Bos points to freedom of speech, and
wants to act harshly afterwards. Legal advice for this has already been
obtained. The PvdA leader points to the responsibility of Mohammedan nations to
prevent violence directed at the Netherlands.

More support for a preventive ban can be found within CDA [Christian democrats]
circles. Besides the prime minister, minister Verhagen (Foreign Affairs) is also
scared to death of the many ominous reports. Information provided by the
intelligence services points to serious dangers for Dutch nationals and
companies in a number of Mohammedan nations. Danger also exists within our
national borders.


Nevertheless, opinions vary throughout the parties. PvdA Ter Horst (Internal
Affairs) and Koenders (Development countries) would like a preventive ban.
Koenders had to cancel a trip to Somalia due to security risks.Last Friday Prime Minister
Balkenende painted a very grim picture around the Wilders movie. The cabinet
considers terrorist attacks and economic sanctions likely, and even murders are
not impossible. Despite this, the PM only pointed Wilders to his
responsibility. That the Wilders movie is monitored very closely within
Mohammedan nations was proved last weekend. In Afghanistan hundreds of people
marched the streets to protest against this movie, a movie nobody has seen as
yet. The same events happened earlier in Pakistan.

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