Illegal flyktning mistrives i Storbritannia

Etter tre års ulovlig opphold er den illegale flyktningen fra Algerie "fed up" av livet i Storbritannia. "Folk her er uhøflige og lite vennlige", sier han. Etter at sosialkontoret fratok ham den kommunale leiligheten i London og tvangsflyttet ham til Streatham, på landsbygda, rant begeret over for den algeriske flyktningen, som hevder at hans menneskerettigheter er krenket. Nå forlanger han at britiske myndigheter betaler for hans hjemreise.

An illegal immigrant has demanded to be flown home after saying he was fed up
with British people – because they are «rude and unfriendly».

Speaking today, Mokhtar Tabet, 30 – who has been given a home, food and free
travel around London – claims his local council has breached his human rights by
moving him to a place he does not like.

He was refused asylum in 2004 and is set to be deported.

He said: «The council evicted me from my home in September and moved me to
Streatham, which I don’t like.

«The new place is small, and the kitchen closes at 9pm, so I can’t have
anything to eat late at night. They have taken away my human rights.»

Croydon Council says it has bent over backwards to help Tabet, who fled
Algeria in 2002.

A spokesman said: «Mr Tabet was accommodated in Norbury Crescent, with
Croydon Council paying his rent, council tax and utility bills.

«In July, his landlord gave him two months’ notice to quit the premises, and
the council offered him a flat in Anerley Road, which he refused citing its poor
state of repair.

«The necessary repairs were carried out and he again refused it.

«He was told that refusal would amount to him making himself intentionally
homeless and he would be placed in hostel-style accommodation. He agreed to

Mr Tabet is entitled to return to Algeria at his own expense and admits that
he «does not like it here».

But he refuses to do so and says Britain will have to pay for his travel if
it wants him to leave.

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